The Cheapest Ways to Stop Condensation

With such unpredictable weather condition nowadays, condensation is a problem that a number of us are dealing with. Apart from ruining the view from your windows, condensation can damage window frames and sills, and cause major mould concerns. Double glazing is typically promoted as the cure, but it’s certainly not the least expensive way to stop condensation, and for many people changing their windows totally is simply not an option.

Improve Ventilation
Condensation happens when water vapour reaches its dew point on a cold surface, turning it to liquid. The reason we see on it windows in winter and not the summer is that the cold weather of winter season is what triggers the glass to be cold enough for the water vapour to condense on. Include this to the heating we have on all winter, which serves to help the water evaporate into the air, and the fact that we tend to draught proof like our lives depend on it.

Draught proofing is a necessity for winter, as well as being one of the least expensive methods to insulate– keep doors shut, plug up the chimney, ensure windows are properly sealed. This absence of ventilation is one of the biggest offenders for your condensation issue. When we draught evidence too successfully, the moisture in the air has nowhere to escape to, implying that it’s trapped and has no choice however to decide on your windows as condensation.

The solution is simple and inexpensive; let the room breathe. Opening a window just a little will make a big difference, or if you have window vents then make sure there’s absolutely nothing blocking them. If you’re ready to do a little more work and invest a little money, air bricks can be contributed to outside walls, or air vents included for internal walls.

The concept behind moist traps is that the little box will suck up the wetness that would otherwise condense on the windows and collect it there. Reviews are really mixed, however some people swear by them.

I picked mine up in Poundland, so with this one when I say that they’re inexpensive I actually do imply cheap (₤ 12.49 for a pack of 10 on Amazon), but there’s a particular level of false economy. Each moist trap is single use, implying that you have to replace them constantly. Even though they’re inexpensive to buy, the expense accumulates.

Continuously replacing them likewise means a lot of plastic waste; something we’re not fans of.

A dehumidifier is a clever little box that sucks in the air and condenses the water from it prior to releasing it back out. They’re excellent at what they do, though the greater end designs can be a huge expenditure.

They use electrical energy so they’re definitely not the least expensive alternative in regards to long term expense, though there are some A-rated performance models out there (₤ 119.99 on Amazon). That said, they certainly do the job.

Secondary Glazing
While double glazing might not be a choice for cost or logistical reasons, secondary glazing can be a much cheaper alternative and among the most cost effective ways to tackle condensation.

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