A Guide to Daylighting

Daylighting is the name for when natural light is controlled to assist light a structure in order to decrease energy usage. Windows, skylights, and reflective surfaces are used to channel natural light to create a sustainable light for the structure. Typically these are developed to be used in conjunction with a traditional lighting system (this is the UK after all, the sun doesn’t shine all the time!), typically using photosensor detection and automated dimming/switching, so that a consistent level of light is kept. These systems are referred to as daylight harvesting.

Why does Daylighting require unique analysis?
It might appear obvious to state that if you desire more natural light, you should include more windows. Daylighting is much more innovative and complex than that. A Daylighting analysis uses simulation and computer system software application to supply insight into how a provided natural light style will affect the structure in practice. In an office you want the light focused in a way that prevents it shining straight onto computer system screens or in the eyes. It’s not practically getting as much natural light as possible into the building, it’s about optimising it to work along with the style, residents, and use of the building.

What sort of buildings can gain from Daylighting analysis?
Daylighting analysis is usually carried out at the style stage of a brand-new build. A Daylighting analysis can use standard strategies and deal with the designer to create a Daylighting style.

It is possible to retrofit Daylighting in an existing structure, but results are unlikely to be as effective as those integrated into the initial design. When evaluating the Daylighting opportunities of an existing structure, it is essential to consider a lot of aspects; the roofing system pitch, ceiling height, interior design, and existing mechanical system (eg air vents, pipelines, etc) all require to be factored in. Because these were not considered for Daylighting functions throughout the original design, it might be essential to make sure alternations in order to achieve a fully working Daylighting system.

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