What are the UPVC Windows Colour Choices in the market?

It might still hold true that lots of people think that UPVC Windows just be available in “low-cost white plastic”, when really this might not be further from the fact.

With the demands and tastes of homeowners ending up being more sophisticated, manufacturers have actually spent a lot of time and problem establishing a significant variety of colours and surfaces for their latest items.

Not just do you have an option of coloured UPVC windows, you can likewise select different surfaces, from “gloss”, satin or even woodgrain effect.

The accessibility of such a wide variety can be extremely helpful, particularly in homes that need to have aesthetically (visually) considerate windows and doors– homes, houses of character, listed structure etc

Other than using coloured vinyl to actually manufacture the window, broadly speaking there are 2 popular techniques used for colouring UPVC for use in replacement windows:

  • Spraying
  • Foiling

As you would probably presume, this is a painted finish. Usually applied using air-powered paint spray guns to the UPVC and can include lacquers in addition to paints. You might think about the window frame being painted the same way as a custom vehicle maker would spray your car bumpers.

This enables a possibly substantial range of colour choice, with some providers (such as Kolorseal) revealing more than 400 different tones in their portfolio.

They likewise explain that their spray paints form bonds at the molecular level and do not just “stay with the surface area” like a regular paint.

A more reasonable number of popular colours readily available would most likely be in between 12 to 15.

UPVC Windows Colour Foiling
This is a completely different process, more like lamination (an additional layer) and involves chemically bonding the surface to the UPVC Windows. In effect “fusing” the colour permanently onto the material itself.

One additional choice you have with using foils for coloured UPVC windows, is that they can be applied to have a wood-grain result that recreates the look and texture of wood.

The price of a coloured UPVC Window is going to be higher than that of a basic white version. You might most likely anticipate to pay an extra amount of between 10% & 20% of the cost to include a colour finish.

It may likewise be that the more unknown colour you require the higher the cost, or the opposite in that the more popular the cheaper.

Which are the very best types of coloured UPVC windows to buy?
Each supplier will be able to provide a number of factors as to why you should pick their product, however in genuine terms both systems use really similar advantages & warranties.

Foiling does use wood-grain result as a choice and RAL or spray colours tend to have a broader option of tones.

But these little differences, in the writers’ viewpoint, do not use enough by themselves to sway the argument in favour of one or the other– it might boil down to individual choices and even the type of offer the supplier provides at the time of purchase.

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