Types and Styles of Toilets

There are a number of different kinds of toilet and so you need to be totally aware of what can and can’t be fitted in your bathroom before you go to acquire a toilet.

Preferably, you may require to get a toilet plumbing professional out to check what kind of toilet you have because it depends upon where the cold water feed is and how the toilet it established at the moment.

We typically take toilets for granted but they are certainly a necessity, without which you might be in a little strife. Take time to decide on which toilet to buy, as a great one will be worth its worth in the long-run.

With such a series of styles and designs available, it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide will describe the readily available and popular options, and likewise tell you everything you require to understand to discover the perfect toilet for your restroom.

Closed-Coupled Toilets
A closed-coupled toilet has 2 different ceramic pieces– the tank and the pan. The cistern is mounted straight on the top of the pan. It typically has a double flush button and in some models a lever handle.

These are the most typical toilet-type in the UK. They feature a great deal of designs, shapes and styles.They are normally the most inexpensive choices in terms of acquiring and setup. So, while picking your design, let your personal style-sense shine through.

Characteristic & Benefits:

  • The swiftest and most inexpensive choice in regards to installation
  • Substantial variety of shapes and designs
  • Drain pipes pipeline usually heads out to the left, right, down or back

Back-to-Wall Toilets
These toilet systems are perfect for creating a modern-day and minimalist look. They have the cistern concealed in the wall or integrates a furniture piece to offer a neat finish and also supplies a creative way to increase area in the cloakroom. Some hid cisterns determine 10cm or less in depth, so the total depth is less than a close-coupled toilet.

If you require to change or repair cistern- the access is either through a panel that is fitted within the bathroom furniture, or via a flush plate, suited a wall. In any case, upkeep is normally not much tough than a basic toilet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Offers a stylish, contemporary look in a more affordable cost than a wall-hung toilet
  • Perfect for usage with a run of furnishings.
  • Develops a misconception of space in the restroom with less clutter
  • Easier to set up as no assistance frame is required.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted, or wall hung toilets, likewise have a chrome flush plate to provide access to the cistern as it is hidden away inside a wall or a furniture system.

The toilet requires to be supported by a strong wall frame that houses the concealed cistern. A wall-mounted toilet can usually be fitted to any wall, even in a stud wall, provided it is strengthened and supported highly.

The mounting frames are developed to support around 200kg weight when correctly fitted, so that you do not need to stress over it falling off the wall.

Characteristic & Benefits:

  • Leaves the floor totally free providing the very best impression of area
  • Has an incredibly stylish and chic appearance that includes oomph-factor to your restroom
  • Usually supports about 200kg of weight

Closed-Back Toilets
These toilets are in some cases called fully-enclosed toilets. They are a type of close-coupled toilet, goes completely back to the wall and produces a cool look. Although keep in mind that if your drain exits to the left or right of the toilet, you will not have the ability to choose this type.

Characteristic & Benefits:

  • Covers unsightly pipework
  • Space saving
  • Easy to clean and preserve

Convenience Height Toilets

Designed to make it more comfy for the user, these toilets are 4 or 5cm taller than a normal toilet.

The extra height might not seem like a big distinction, but for somewhat taller individuals, senior or ailing individuals, it makes getting up and down from the toilet a lot easier.

Characteristic & Benefits:

  • High seating position makes sitting down and getting up easier
  • Less pressure on the knees and other lower body joints
  • Easy access for both the senior and the less abled.

Toilet Seats
Along with the toilet system, you may likewise need to think of your choice of toilet seat. The majority of the toilets include seats, using the easy and practical quick release style for easy fitting. However, you can also pick soft closing seats, that makes releasing and closing the cover smooth, without any abrupt bangs, reducing wear and tear.

Depending upon the style of toilet, there are range of choices of colour or surface, such as solid oak, walnut result, or the classic white. Seats likewise can be found in different other materials, consisting of Thermoplastic, with a quality hard-wearing surface and is easy to preserve and Thermoset, a deluxe polymer, UV resilient and colour-fast product that is anti-scratch, and has a durable surface area.

Concealed Toilet Suites
If you have actually a hidden system, please be absolutely sure that you have an accessible panel. Without this, you can’t carry out upkeep easily.

Non-Concealed Toilet Suites
These are the classic toilets that have actually been around for more than a number of decades. They are thoroughly offered and really simple to install. Nevertheless, they take up a bit more space as the tank needs to be mounted on the wall. They do come in compact designs to minimise the pushiness of the external cistern.

What to consider when purchasing a brand-new toilet:
Water efficiency: Try to buy toilets that have double flush, a.k.a. have the alternative of a half or full flush. This will assist you choosing more water effective toilet.
Cost: Decide on your budget beforehand as it will determine the performance, longevity and style of the toilet, from the fundamental suites to the more elegant one. Make sure the warranty and replacement parts while choosing a model.
Aesthetic: A toilet is never implied to be the noteworthy feature of your restroom, nevertheless, you would absolutely desire it to blend in with the rest of your bathroom furnishings. There are a huge variety of options from finishes, shapes and flush systems to select.

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