Resin Driveway over Concrete

Installing a resin driveway over concrete supplies an easy and cost effective way of boosting the look of your driveway.

By installing a resin surface area over an existing surface area such as concrete or tarmacadam you can cut out expensive sub base installation costs. These are normally as much as 50% of a setup, done from scratch.

Would you like to save approximately 50% for a resin driveway over concrete installation?

Are you thinking of a resin driveway over concrete installation? Make sure you read out pointers on suitability below before considering this.

If you feel an overlay is something you require, make certain you contact us initially so we can get the appropriate type of survey finished. Merely complete your information below.

Not all Concrete Surfacing appropriates For a Resin Overlay

4 Things to look out for … Firstly:
Is the existing concrete surface in structurally sound condition?

If there are gaping cracks then it’s most likely not an excellent concept to place a mix of resin over the top.

If you do the freshly laid resin surface area will simply deteriorate and crack in the same areas as the concrete sub base underneath! Whilst there are great concrete fracture ‘filling’ products on the marketplace, these are best matched to little fractures.

Second of all:
Consideration should be given to surface area water drainage. If water drains pipes to an existing bed linen location then there should not be any issue.

However, if there are existing swimming pools of water after a rainstorm on the current driveway surface then clearly water isn’t draining away. So, if resin is laid on top of such a surface area the water will sit between the concrete surface and the resin one.

This will eventually cause the resin bound driveway surface area to fail and crack and perhaps fall apart away.

If brand-new edging is bing put in place, can a location be removed around the existing concrete surface area without disturbing the bulk of the concrete slab?

In general, much will depend on the age of the concrete surface. Very old concrete or thinly laid concrete surfaces may weaken throughout their whole surface when drilling starts around the edges.

So, unless you existed when the initial concrete surface area was laid, you just will not know what the depth of the concrete is. Caution is prompted.

And lastly:
If the existing concrete surface area is thick enough, drill holes (bore holes) can be put in to drain water away as soon as it seeps through the recently laid resin surface. Viewpoints differ regarding the total stability of surface areas installed in this manner so if there are a variety of vehicles being parked or heavy lorries this may not be the way to go. We know installers that will refuse to install such drainage and others that will continue if their survey verifies structural soundness.

In summary, there are great deals of considerations. Whilst rate may be a main incentive for choosing an overlay cautious attention should be paid to suitability.

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