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It has to do with this time of year I understand my seasonal mistake, I have actually not staked and supported sufficient plants in the border and they are a horticultural collison as summer moves on. It’s not just the high plants like the Delphinium, but much shorter plants such as Crocosmia which if planted near to another plant or course will flop over if not staked. Every year I go to a show garden which has actually been carefully staked which evidences my own failings. Plant stakes are likewise pricey and in truth I believe a few of the metal stakes look invasive in a flower border.

If you are pruning shrubs at this time of year, or anytime, take a look at the pruning off cuts to see if they might make good plant stakes. Natural wood stakes look nice in the border, and they are free.

I need to prune back an Elaeagnus which had over grown it’s allotted space. I wanted to keep the leading growth for height and personal privacy but trim out a few of the lower branches. As a fully grown shrub there was a great bit to trim off and the image top right shows the pruning cuttings. I then removed off the leaves and cut the branches. The image bottom left reveals the branches which will make perfect stakes for some of the lower growing plants such as Crocosmia, Oregano and the sturdy Geraniums.
Plants stakes free of charge noises excellent. Overwinter the stakes in dry location such as a shed, greenhouse or garage and some stakes will last several seasons.

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