5 Great Reasons to Buy Composite Front Doors

If you are thinking about replacing your front door, then you need to seriously consider this kind of style. To help persuade you how excellent they are, here are 5 Great Reasons to Buy Composite Front Doors.

1) Appearance
In terms of looks, a composite front door is among the best. Finished with a wood-grain surface they are extremely hard to distinguish from real timber. With a smooth surface, you get a high gloss surface area that is practically “mirror like”.

As for personalising, there are loads of colours to pick from. Even to the extent that you can have one colour outside and another colour inside.

Some popular colour examples:

Grey: Anthracite, Pearl, Elephant Grey.
Black: Pure Black, Brown Black.
Blue: Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Steel Blue.
Green: Dark Green, Chartwell Green, Turquoise Petal.
Red: Dark Red, Cherry Red, Rich Red.
White: Plain White, Cream, Pebble.
Wood: Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood.

The surface finish is not just “painted” or “foiled”. The real GRP skin itself is coloured so there is no peeling or cracking. You can also anticipate the colour to resist fading for the lifetime of the door (up to 35 years).

The wood-grain surface area finishes are inscribed into the GRP skin and therefore can not remove or split like paint does.

2) Design Choice
You can literally choose from numerous mixes to select the look that you like the most.

Solid, or glazed. You can have your door feature double glazed panels (toughened glass) to permit some light to come in. On the other hand, if a strong front door is your option, composite front doors offer an imposing visual.

For something different, you might take a look at Composite Stable or Cottage door styles. The steady door is a special style that is efficiently a door of 2 halves– leading & bottom– which can open separately of each other.

3) Construction
Composite front doors are made in a different way from a standard UPVC door. They are a “sandwich” of materials.

The external surface area is made from a 2mm to 3mm thick GRP or GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) skin. GRP is extremely tough, long lasting and has high resistance to:

  • ultraviolet light
  • extreme temperatures
  • salt air
  • chemicals consisting of most acids

You can find GRP used in car manufacture, sporting private yachts/ speedboats, even browse boards.

The core of the door (the filling of the sandwich) can be made from crafted wood or a strong thermally insulating foam. The core is usually surrounded by a wood sub-frame and the external edges of the door are then banded with aluminium.

The door itself can then be hung in either a hardwood timber or steel reinforced uPVC door frame.

Composite front doors are normally thicker than timber or uPVC at 44mm (28 mm for a standard door).

Composite Front DoorsThe weather proofing of a composite front door is second to none. You can discover them with British Standards Accreditation (BSEN 12211:2000, BSEN 1027:2000, BSEN 1026:2000. Resistant to typhoon strength winds). See more about developing guidelines for windows & doors here.

4) Security
Purchasing composite front doors is a sure way to make your house safe and secure. Multi-point locks are fitted as requirement. This indicates that the door is protected to the frame all around, not just in one place.

Triple or quadruple stainless-steel hinges keep the door moving efficiently and keep the in shape tight.

A 3 or 5-cylinder mortice essential lock is likewise suited the majority of cases. The cylinder is impossible to “bump or break” and evaluated to BS6375 requirements.

Any glass fitted is tempered or toughened and double glazed. Alternatives for triple glazed or laminated glazing are available.

5) Value for money
Whilst the initial cost of a composite front door is not low-cost, the expected lifespan can be more than two times that of a UPVC front door.

UPVC front doors provide about 15 years, but composite front doors can last 35 years or more. This represents a better investment over the life expectancy of the door.

The upkeep costs of composite front doors are almost minimal. You don’t require to paint them, ever. To keep them running like brand new, all you have to do is clean it with soapy water and lightly oil the moving parts yearly.

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