4 reasons to Set up Flush Fitting Windows

In our simple opinion, the resurgence of the flush fit window design is long past due. Ever since the 1950’s when lipped window sashes started to take control of the nation.

Flush fitting window sashes can trace their family tree back over 200 years, and have taken a rear seats for the last 50 years approximately. Modern-day flush fitting casement windows have a terrific offer to use.

Here’s 4 factors to set up Flush Fitting Windows.

1) What’s the difference in between lipped & flush sashes?

A common window has actually a lipped casement that sits “proud” of the surrounding window frame. Flush windows do not have a lip and fit entirely level with the surrounding frame (a sash is the moving part of the window– the bit that opens & closes).

The flush fit gives a much sleeker appearance and the windows look less “bulky” or “clunky”. This is what we would describe as lowered frame effect.

2) How much do flush fitted windows cost?
There is no substantial distinction in the price range of a conventional casement window to one with a flush style.

So flush fitting windows represent good value for money.

3) They can be used practically anywhere
This kind of style crops up a lot in older buildings, heritage building and listed buildings. Where it’s essential (or a preparation requirement) to have the design in keeping with the residential or commercial property, contemporary flush fit designs supply the option.

See how well using flush fitted windows matches the residential or commercial property below– lipped sashes would simply not have worked in this instance.

4) Choice of materials
Whilst not so many years back, you might have been limited to wood options, UPVC window makers are ending up being more into the marketplace and therefore supply is excellent. Aluminium flush styles can also be found in the market.

Together with the option of material comes choice of surface.

Obviously wood can be stained or painted to your taste, now UPVC & Aluminium offer a wide variety of colours. They likewise provide exceptional wood-grain impact surface finishes.

By the way, the flat surface area of a flush style makes it just that bit much easier to keep the windows and frames great and clean.

Our Summary
It is only our simple viewpoint, but our company believe flush fit casements offer better visual appeal, can be used in a broader range of situations and don’t actually penalise you on price.

They come with all the “mod-cons” that you would anticipate from a contemporary double glazed window, however give that extra little bit of private style.

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